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Curd You Really Drink This?

It’s the cult food from Canada – Poutine. Basically cheese curds with gravy and chips. the perfect storm of carbs, fat and salt.

Cheesy goodness
Cheesy goodness

I think this stirs a particular series of nostalgic emotions in me. When I was a poor student at Sydney University, my friends and I would buy chips and gravy from the cafeteria at Wentworth and sit around solving the world’s problems. all that was missing was the curds.

But as always seems to happen with something so wonderfully perfect, someone had to go and take it one step further.

A Canadian drinks company, Jones Soda Co, has created what it alleges is a poutine flavored soda.

“Given growing demand for more healthful beverage options, we wanted to challenge ourselves to deliver an all-natural soda with less sugar and fewer calories than any other product available,” said Jennifer Cue, CEO, Jones Soda. “We are innovators, and we listen to our consumers with whom we have a close, almost personal relationship. When they raised concerns to us about the use of high fructose corn syrup in our industry, we answered that call by being the first nationally distributed brand to completely reformulate our products with pure cane sugar. And now, as tastes and trends evolve, we are continuing to listen to our consumers by creating Natural Jones Soda, a new class of great tasting, lightly sweetened soda with no preservatives and no artificial colors.”

That’s from their press release.

Here is what it looks like…


Why mess with perfect I say…last word goes to Fox News

Jones Soda introduces poutine-flavored pop

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