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    Curds of Prey

    When I was a kid, my mother was seen as an adventurous (and fabulous – still is) cook because she used garlic. This was the 1970s in suburban Sydney and while everyone went to an Italian restaurant for a “big night out” and every suburb had a Chinese takeaway (our two were called Happiness Inn and Foo Du), we were still finding our foodie legs. Now, Australia is a foodie paradise – those Chinese and Italian places sit shoulder to shoulder with Thai, Turkish, Lebanese and a slew of other cuisines. On my recent trip to Melbourne I ate my way around the city, but also had the opportunity to…

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    Curd You Really Drink This?

    It’s the cult food from Canada – Poutine. Basically cheese curds with gravy and chips. the perfect storm of carbs, fat and salt. I think this stirs a particular series of nostalgic emotions in me. When I was a poor student at Sydney University, my friends and I would buy chips and gravy from the cafeteria at Wentworth and sit around solving the world’s problems. all that was missing was the curds. But as always seems to happen with something so wonderfully perfect, someone had to go and take it one step further. A Canadian drinks company, Jones Soda Co, has created what it alleges is a poutine flavored soda.…