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    Four New Doha Dining Experiences to Try This Summer

    This Summer. It is LOOOONG. No seriously. Even with the lush Turkish yoghurt , the fully laden shelves at Lulu Qatar   and the ongoing sideshow that is the #QatarBlockade seems this summer has been more of a slog than most. But luckily for foodies there are some new and interesting dining concepts and experiences to keep us full and happy. It’s a competitive market for restaurants and hotels at the moment (THANKYOU our Saudi friends), and savvy diners are reaping the rewards.  Here is a look at four early contenders you should be giving a try this summer: Noodles and Ribs at Four Seasons Doha Many hotels and restaurants change up their offerings for…

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    Five Day Dining Options in Doha During Ramadan

    Ramadan Kareem! While I do love seeing the city come alive during the long Ramadan nights, it’s nice to have some quality options to eat out during the day. My friends at Doha News have compiled an exhaustive listing of opening hours for restaurants, malls and other facilities across the city and Qatar Eating have done the same. But I thought I would give you just a handful of good, solid places for breakfast and lunch over the coming weeks. Breakfast Santa Monica Breakfast Club.  Reports about this venue (at the Grand Hyatt Doha have been mixed, but my visit early in proceedings turned up some well executed burgers including a pulled chicken bao bun,…

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    On a Roll – a Look at Nobu Doha’s Second Anniversary Menu

    Thursday nights. My Waterloo. Me. The couch. There are very few things that will get me out of my stretchy pants. Even fewer things that will prize the TV remote and Netflix privileges out of my cold, dead hands. Except…an invite from Four Seasons Doha to try the second anniversary Omakase menu at Nobu Doha. That…that will do it. I mean, I even put on makeup! It was a bit of a bittersweet event though – one of the last times I would get to dine with my blogging and culinary partners in crime Sara and Gerald who are leaving me to fend for myself and each leaving Doha for exotic Asian climes. I’m bereft. But also…

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    First Class Fare – Not Just Plane Food

    Last year, after a rugged Summer, I treated myself a business class flight to Thailand. At the gate, ready to board, I was informed my seat had been changed. I swear, at that moment, I heard angels singing. Suddenly I was bathed in a soft light emanating from heaven itself. The gate staff member turned into a unicorn. I had achieved the impossible – I had been upgraded…to FIRST CLASS. When I boarded and was rolling around in my vast seat, a fellow passenger, also upgraded, literally ran on board. He looked around, surveying is kingdom for the next seven hours, and said… “SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET”. Right then, that man was all…

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    Miso Happy – Nobu Doha’s First Anniversary

    When the team at Four Seasons Doha incited me back to Nobu Doha to try their first anniversary menu in the company of three of my fellow favorite bloggers my reaction was in four phases: Phase one: Nobu you say? Let me clear my diary for the next month Phase two: Wait…it’s been one year already? Phase three: Who’s coming? Flying Pinay, Boulangerry and The Snapped Fork you say? Phase four: I’m free ALL MONTH Bad sushi puns and jokes aside, there isn’t much I don’t like about this restaurant. Exceptional food and service, the sexiest building in Doha and listen people, it’s NOBU. It took a long time for Doha’s outpost of the Nobu empire to…

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    Turning Japanese – A Review of Nobu in Doha

    Many years ago, in what seems like another lifetime in a galaxy far, far away, I was a newspaper editor. This was pre-Instagram and pre-Snapchat (yes Virginia, there wasn’t always a Whatsapp). Actually it was 2008 and I remember putting on the front page a story that the famous Nobu restaurant would open in Doha within the next 12 months. Well, as is the way with anything you really want, we were made to wait. And wait. And wait… Finally, in a blaze of glory, Nobu has opened its doors in Doha and I have to say, it was worth the very long wait. Almost as long as it took…