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    Your December Dining Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink (and be merry) in Doha this Month

    And just like that, it’s December and we’re staring down the barrel of the festive season! While this month may be all about Christmas, there are others like Marhaba Qatar who do full round -ups of what’s on offer. My list is more about where to eat, drink and be a little merry in Doha this December… Torba Farmer’s Market The new season of the Farmer’s Market at Qatar Foundation has really impressed me. They have been a little more selective about their stallholders this year and there is now a new emphasis on food – eat in and to go. Favorites include Fresh Doha and their vegan bowls, BAO…

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    Five Things to Know About the 2019 Qatar International Food Festival

    It’s hard to believe the Qatar International Food Festival is now in its’ 10th year – but here we are again. Running from 20 March until 30 March, it promises to be bigger and better than previous years. Before you head out to indulge and enjoy, here’s Life on the Wedge’s essential guide to making the most of the festival and having a delicious time. This year’s festival is at Oxygen Park at Qatar Foundation Another year, another venue change. In terms of space (13,000 square meters) this seems to be the biggest festival yet. Oxygen Park at Education City is a sprawling location. Parking is located underground and you…

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    Seven New Restaurant Openings to Look Forward to in Qatar in Before the End of 2018

    With a slew of new restaurant openings it looks like the last quarter of 2018 is going to be one of the most interesting  and delicious Qatar foodies have seen. After the uncertainty of 2017, investment and creativity is flowing and food lovers have a lot to look forward to. Here’s a look at what’s opening in coming weeks and months and a peek at what we can look forward to in 2019. A word of caution about opening dates – as is always the case, they are fluid. But buckle up this should be a fun end of the year! La Mar Doha’s future dining has a distinctly Peruvian…

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    Your August Hit List – Where You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Doha This Month

    August is a tricky month – it’s neither here nor there. Some people are still away. Some restaurants are closed or reducing operations. And of course, there is Eid in the middle. But it warms my foodie heart to say the restaurants and cafes in Doha are still slapping on the lipstick and putting themselves out there for our judgement. Last month I talked up Claw BBQ Doha and the good news is that they are finally opening (August 2), so do yourself a favor and head down to the Corniche area for this fun restaurant. And a heads up, it looks like the 10 day dry period is back…

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    Is the New York Steakhouse Brunch the Best in Doha Right Now?

    Forget your gimmicks, your themed events and fancy dress.  For me – good Friday brunch experience has a number of key elements – good food, great service and yes, crowd-pleasing music. And there are many around town – Nobu, Market at the W Doha, Shangtastic at Shangri-La who get it spot-on. But last year, a new and surprising entrant shook up the brunch scene – the Big Apple Brunch New York Steakhouse at Marriott Marquis. Besides my sporadic trips to Quick Bites and Ipanema, frankly I never rated this hotel for its food and beverage. For me, it was a little too cookie cutter – big hotel, no real personality. So…

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    Eye Watering – Are We Being Ripped Off on Bottled Water in Qatar’s Restaurants?

    You walk into one of Doha’s many restaurants  with table service and what is generally one of the first questions you are asked? Would you like water? Still or sparkling? Without thinking, we order our preference (sparkling for me but I’m extra like that). but how many of us actually look at what that bottle, ordered without a second thought, adds to the bill? Recently I shared a meal in a restaurant in a five star hotel in Doha. When the bill came I did a double, then a triple take. Each of our dishes had come in around QR70 to QR75 each. Fair enough. The food was good. But…

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    Six Places in Doha to Go for a Girl’s Night Out

    Let me be clear do about this – by “girl’s night out” I don’t mean “ladies night”. In fact, what I really mean is a list of places you can go with your “squad” (although I also hate that term) or tribe (much better). I mean a place to go with drinks (or maybe not), decent food and yes, maybe, some musical stylings (preferably of the retro persuasion). And, of course, this isn’t just limited to after 6pm fun or places with Happy Hours. So…because, sometimes, you just need to be with your tribe, here are my go-to places for a girls night out/afternoon gathering (alert the authorities!). Break out…

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    Seven Places You Should Be Eating in Right Now – Summer 2017 Edition

    Don’t be alarmed…but it’s nearly August. Hard to believe we have survived nearly two months of the #QatarBlockade 2017 (although there appears to be a lucrative black market in Diet Coke hoarding and coriander swapping) and one of the swampiest Summers on record. But…here we are. Stronger. Sense of humor intact. And still HUNGRY. I thought it was time to revisit my now regular twice yearly look at places you should be eating at right now. To be fair, many of these places are old favorites that have maybe fallen off the radar (well mine anyway) but have returned with a new vigor and one out of left field. All are…

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    Qatar International Food Festival – Your Five Must Eats

    I’m going to be honest with you and tell you something that I only admit after a few drinks at a (small dinner) party…I’m mildly agoraphobic. I don’t do big crowds (and I don’t do stairs but that’s another story). A while back I had a meltdown during a street food trawl in Mumbai. Lost power of speech and had to sit down. It wasn’t pretty. Which is why, the Qatar International Food Festival is a challenge for me. That said, I have a tried and true strategy – head in mid-afternoon, do a covert swoop, check out the set up and choose my must-eat places. There is a lot to love…

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    Nine Food Trends Set to Rock Doha in 2017

    We may look to our friends in the seemingly ever changing Dubai for what’s currently hip and cool, but here in Qatar, our dining ecosystem has a life of its own. As we head into February (how did THAT happen?) I thought it would be a good time to take the pulse of the city and see what we can expect from restaurants, hotels and others in 2017: MORE CHAIN RESTAURANTS: The opening of the Cheesecake Factory at the mammoth Mall of Qatar was more anticipated in some circles than the much discussed ABBA reunion. It’s just another in a long list of chains that see Doha as a rich market for their…