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    Six Really Cool Things About Traveling Through Qatar’s Hamad International Airport

    I will be honest when Hamad International Airport opened I was a little miffed. The old airport was at the end of my street. I could be off the plane and home in a matter of minutes. But the mammoth new airport, which has already welcomed 120 million passengers has grown on me – it has so much to offer travelers, especially on Qatar Airways, beyond being a means to an end in air travel. Here’s what I love about this airport and what you should be looking for when you fly through here: There’s a bear in there... You can only have so many coffees to pass the time…

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    12 Travel Apps to Help Make Your Next Vacation a Little Easier

    Until recently I used to be a little old school when it came to traveling. I would tote around a plastic folder stuffed with print-outs of plane and hotel bookings, even reams of restaurant and tourist attractions. But you can teach old dogs new technology tricks. The biggest change for me was buying an iPhone and discovering the Apple Wallet – it was like a bolt from heaven! A place where I can store boarding passes, hotel loyalty cards and more? Sign me up! But the more I travel, the less I want to take with me. So along with my iPad, headphones, lip balm and travel insurance, several pairs…

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    Nine Reasons You Should Be Taking Your Next International Flight on Qatar Airways

    Let me give you some (free) advice. Ignore what you are reading about Qatar at the moment. Regardless of what you think you know, it’s been exaggerated (and I should know, I used to be a journalist). Qatar is safe, peaceful and happens to have one of the world’s best airlines, Qatar Airways as its national carrier. I’ve been a customer of the airline for 10 years, exclusively for the past four years, and I can honestly say it’s in a realm of its own. So, with the Summer approaching, you should consider this airline for your next trip for the reasons for the following reasons: Free Stopover You heard me.…

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    Up, Up and Away – The Best Places to Eat at Hamad International Airport

    There are two things certain. One of that a Kardashian will post a nude shot on Instagram. The other is that at some point in our lives, we will be forced to eat an overpriced, stale sandwich in a dingy airport somewhere in the world. I’m pleased to say, that Hamad International Airport, this trend is being bucked. (The Kardashians however, that’s a lost cause). Honestly, took me some time to warm to this behemoth of an airport. The old airport was just 1km from my home and I could even see the tail fins of the planes from my balcony. After a trip I could be off the plane, in…