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    Wheel of Cheese Fortune

    The thing I love about having a blog dedicated to one topic, rather than random musings (I have Facebook and Twitter for that), is that my friends near and far collect the most amazing stuff for me. This comes in the form of websites, newspaper stories and infographics like this one which came from the lovely Sarah Rabbani (who I want to be when I grow up) That’s a chart of 66 of the world’s favorite cheeses and yes, I have already pre-ordered one for the bedroom. For more information check out Pop Chart Lab or here at our friends Buzzfeed Food

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    Melting Pot – Fun, Friends and Melted Cheese Five Ways

    I have a theory that in a previous life, I hailed from the deep south of the US. I love the food. Don’t mind a bit of New Orleans Jazz and can say “y’all” with aplomb. The handful of times I have been south of the Mason Dixon line, I felt very much at home. One trip to New Orleans some time in the early 2000s, I was traveling with my friend Allan, who contracted what we would later find out to be pneumonia (which also necessitated an Emergency Room visit while in DC). We stayed in a huge southern mansion which had been converted to a guest house and…

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    When is a Cheese Not a Cheese? When it’s a “Cheese Food”

    My lack of pretension about food and in particular, cheese is well known. I have always been in the “if it tastes good…don’t ask questions” school. But while researching something food-related for my real day job (which is in PR by the way), I came across this interesting piece about the facts and the science behind processed cheese. 10 Things to Know About Processed Cheese When I say “processed cheese”, apparently what I really mean is “cheese food”. As it can’t actually be classified as “cheese”. “Cheese food” is a food product made from normal cheese and sometimes other unfermented dairy ingredients, plus emulsifiers, extra salt, food colorings, or whey.…

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    Curd You Really Drink This?

    It’s the cult food from Canada – Poutine. Basically cheese curds with gravy and chips. the perfect storm of carbs, fat and salt. I think this stirs a particular series of nostalgic emotions in me. When I was a poor student at Sydney University, my friends and I would buy chips and gravy from the cafeteria at Wentworth and sit around solving the world’s problems. all that was missing was the curds. But as always seems to happen with something so wonderfully perfect, someone had to go and take it one step further. A Canadian drinks company, Jones Soda Co, has created what it alleges is a poutine flavored soda.…

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    Friend in Cheeses – Lenten Edition 2013

    Today is Ash Wednesday. If I were half the Catholic I allege that I am, I would be giving up cheese for Lent. But instead I am giving up drinking at home, sugar and talking to strange men. Which pretty much leaves me with sitting at home (sober) in my dressing gown watching the Kardashians…and cheese…as my only remaining vices. Speaking of drinking at home and vices, this is the second part of coverage of our American Cheese Tasting held at my friend Alicia’s house. It wasn’t meant to be a series. I just forgot to post the other ones…

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    Friends in Cheeses

    As I said earlier, I took a little hiatus from the blog and cheese for a few weeks. To welcome me back, my American friend, Alicia, hosted an American Cheese Tasting afternoon. alicia, it must be said, is a Cheese Heroine. She brought back more than 5kg of the stuff on her recent visit home. That’s 5kg of artisan cheese in her luggage. Thank god Qatar Airways has generous limits. The result of that haul is displayed below. It must be said we were joined by friends Jamie, Rachel B and Raven for this cheese hoedown, and of course me, the ring in.