Hot for Hot Pot? This Doha Hotel Has Three Great Options for Iftar

Who doesn’t love hotpot? In my view it’s the ultimate do-it-yourself meal – steaming pots of seasoned broth, platters of meat, veggies and seafood plus noodles and more.

D’Chopstix at Holiday Villa has a terrific offer for those who want to try hotpot this Ramadan. The hotyel is offering it among a trio of options for iftar or a dinner. You can choose from the hotpot; or a Korean style BBQ done at your table or shabu shabu (Japanese style hotpot) for QR160 for two people. All DIY and all delicious.

The “traditional” hotpot option has dual broths – a clear chicken soup and a tangy, spicy Tom Yum style broth with lemongrass. The platter of goodies is very generous, with prawns, mussels, tofu, chicken, beef veggies as well as rice and egg noodles. The broth is topped up as you need it by the cheerful and engaged staff.

If you had a group of four or more you could do the hotpot and one of the other options (the Korean BBQ would be perfect for this) family style.

For those not in the know, Holiday Villa is a Malaysian chain and the Doha outpost has some excellent food from that part of the world. We ordered an additional plate (maybe two) of chicken and beef satays, which were cooked fresh, the peanut sauce, laden with flavor.

Chef had also heard we were Malaysian food fans and brought out some of his murtabek to try. This is a stuffed pancake/flatbread sold by street food vendors found not just in Malaysia but also the Arabian peninsula and other parts of Asia.

All up, including tea, soft drinks and the extra satays, the bill came in at less than QR240 for two people (yes, we paid for ourselves). For a spur of the moment Thursday dinner, is great. The hotpot/shabu/BBQ is available every day from 6pm.

Holiday Villa have a new chef and seem to have hit their stride again after COVID-19 and I am here for it. This has always been an underrated option in a crowded market. Their weekend Malaysian breakfast at casual outlet Kafe Ole is also back. Dishes include Nasi Lemak – a terrific, pocket friendly option for an adventurous eater!

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We’re two weeks deep in Ramadan and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. For other posts and dining options for all budgets:

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