• Qatar

    Best Restaurant Dishes in Qatar for 2022

    It’s been the best of times… it was…actually it was a pretty incredible year. And the food scene in Qatar was as vibrant as ever – dozens of new openings, new hotels, new cuisines. So selecting my best restaurant dishes in Qatar for 2022 was actually tougher than I expected. But needs must….here is my list of best Qatar restaurant dishes of 2022 in no particular order… Malaysian butter chicken at Mama Rozie This dish started as a one-off and grew to be a phenomenon. More creamy than the usual butter chicken we know, it’s the perfect comfort food. The chicken is fried before adding to the sauce. You can…

  • Korean Food

    What is Tteokbokki? Where to find stir fried Korean rice cakes in Doha

    Korean food is still top of the (K) Pops in Doha and the world (soft power anyone?) but it can be new territory for some people. What is Tteokbokki (aka topokki)? Where to find stir fried Korean rice cakes in Doha. the first in my series of where to find some of the best dishes from around the world right here in Doha. The Dish: Tteokbokki Translation: Spicy stir-fried rice cakes What is it exactly? These chewy cylindrical rice cakes are the ultimate Korean street food. They are stir-fried in a spicy sauce made of gochujang chili paste, soy sauce, gochugaru chili flakes, garlic, and a little sugar. So basically, a…

  • Ramadan

    Hot for Hot Pot? This Doha Hotel Has Three Great Options for Iftar

    Who doesn’t love hotpot? In my view it’s the ultimate do-it-yourself meal – steaming pots of seasoned broth, platters of meat, veggies and seafood plus noodles and more. D’Chopstix at Holiday Villa has a terrific offer for those who want to try hotpot this Ramadan. The hotyel is offering it among a trio of options for iftar or a dinner. You can choose from the hotpot; or a Korean style BBQ done at your table or shabu shabu (Japanese style hotpot) for QR160 for two people. All DIY and all delicious. The “traditional” hotpot option has dual broths – a clear chicken soup and a tangy, spicy Tom Yum style…

  • 7 pocket friendly spots to have iftar in Doha

    9 Places to Have Iftar in Doha That Won’t Break the Bank

    There are plenty of places offering iftar in Doha this Ramadan that won’t break the bank. And yes, I admit dear foodies, a few are even may actually be in hotels… From traditional iftars through to something a little more out of the box, you can find an offering for every budget this year. To make it even more cost effective, check out both The Entertainer and MyBook for two for one deals and you can often find Ramadan offers on QGrabs (this is not ad for any of them, just a friendly reminder they can offer great value). These are the top places to enjoy some tasty iftars and…

  • Elements - Your essential guide to the best places to eat and drink in Doha in November 2021
    Hit List,  Qatar

    Your Essential Guide to Eating and Drinking in Doha in November 2021

    November is here and if you get up very early the temperature is in the early 20s! Just kidding! We are at the business end of the year in Qatar – when the weather is glorious and the eating and drinking options in Doha plentiful. Finally dining outdoors doesn’t require a personal AC. And we have some huge events – Arab Cup and the Formula 1 Ooredoo 2021 Grand Prix to name just two. So here is my essential guide to eating and drinking in Doha this November: Riyasat I’ve written about this place a few times, but it’s worth a visit or a revisit. Approachable yet beautifully executed Indian…