Tapas Bravos – Restaurant Review of Aceite at the Melia Doha

There are few things that can make the world better again than fried cheese and copious amounts of sangria. Which is why when the invite came to try this new restaurant, I literally ran towards it screaming.

Soothing sangria
Soothing sangria

Spanish food is literally surging in Doha right now. With the excellent El Faro at the Marsa Malasz and now this gem, Aceite at the new Melia Doha.

On a Thursday night in July, it was busy with big groups of work people enjoying the tapas and a drink as well as couple and of course two hungry Australian sheilas.

Plied with a very hypnotic sangria tapas style starters of cheese and chicken croquettas along with fried calamari set the scene.

You had me at cheese
You had me at cheese

The croquettas were parmesan and apple – a moorish (see what I did there) melange of sweet and savory and fried to perfection.

Grabbed by the tentacles
Grabbed by the tentacles

Lightly crumbed and fried, the calamari was served with its own ink. Unctious yet also just oily enough.

Trust me it was good
Trust me it was good

Between courses we were brought something described as “Squid Cappuccino”. This did not fill me with excitement. I have been known to be wrong. Topped with a creamy foam, deep inside was a salad of squid and peppers dressed with oil. It was a stand out amongst a meal of excellent dishes – not too fishy yet also not oily.

Tomato bread
Tomato bread
Paella but not as we know it
Paella but not as we know it

A seafood paella from Valencia of vermicelli noodles, clams, mussels and prawns was a salty seafood sensation. It had all the familiar smells of a paella but the textures were new and exciting. Also, I haven’t had a decent clam in Doha for some time (so many jokes there)

Excuse me I must be alone with these churros
Excuse me I must be alone with these churros

Those who know me know I don’t like sweets. Except for icecream. And cupcakes. And donuts. These churros ended the meal with a bang – deep fried and dusted in sugar and cinnamon, I didn’t even stop to dip them in the chocolate. The same can’t be said of my dining companion who drank it direct from the cup. #nojudgement

A large, bright space with a TV showing Spanish tourism videos, the bar area was almost raucus and gave the restaurant a fun and dynmanic atmosphere many would be envious of in this city’s competitive dining scene.

While the atmosphere is casual, the food is very definitely five star.This is fine dining with a populist edge.

*Life on the Wedge was a guest of Melia Doha, but view are my own.

The Details:


The Melia Doha

West Bay

Tel: (974) 401 99999


Many thanks to my readers for the kind words about my mother’s passing last month. The last few weeks have been harder than I ever imagined. Your support and that of my friends and loved ones meant more than I can ever articulate.


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  1. Tracey Tootell says:

    I too feel your pain about your mum dying. I lost my mum in similar circumstances 25 years ago, it feels like yesterday. The acute pain and trauma of it all eases after some time, but you will always feel the loss and sadness esp on special dates. On a brighter not I look forward to going to the Melia to try out the sangria and tapas. I am moving into the city from Al Waab soon, and am excited about trying out all the different places…but limited out here!!!! Nice reading your blog….from one Aussie Sheila to another!!! Xo

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