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When the Words Just Won’t Come

As many regular readers know, I generally take a little break from my blog every northern Summer. I get blog fatigue.

This year’s has been longer than usual because, I just couldn’t find the words to write. Every time I opened the site to start, the words just wouldn’t come.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my greatest supporter, the first reader of my blog, my Mum, passed away after brief and brutal battle with cancer. I still can’t believe those words even as I lived and wrote them. I’m not completely sure how I have been functioning the last few weeks, except for the love and support of family and friends.

Thanks to those friends/extended family who texted to check on me, those who attended Mum’s funeral, who just called to say hi, who took me for meals, showered me with love and generally were just there when I needed them.

Thanks to a special person in my life, who although he couldn’t be with me, drove me to the airport on that final trip back home, checked on me repeatedly, made me feel cared for and was there when I returned to Doha, a numb and sodden mess.

I considered the idea that this post would just be another review, or about a new cheese, skim over it like everything was normal. But that wouldn’t have been right.

I also considered taking a longer break from the blog, but Mum would have hated that. she was quite good at reading me the riot act when I needed it.

As my friend Alicia said, I would know when the time was right to start writing again. It’s almost right.

Normal transmission will be resumed in coming days. There is a fridge full of cheese at my house for God’s sake!

I will leave you with this ditty from the Life of Brian, my mother’s favorite film.

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