For Feta or For Worse

My love of the salty goodness of feta is well documented on this blog and my waistline.

So I was the happiest traveler in the sky recently when I had the chance to fly from Stockholm to Doha on the Qatar Airways Dreamliner and the menu featured this tasty little morsel.

Always better with feta
Always better with feta

A moist piece of feta cheese, rolled on sesame seeds. For once also served at the right temperature, along with a tomato salsa.

Couldn't get any feta
Couldn’t get any feta

I am learning that feta, in some for or another, is made in countries around the world. It is simply a farmer’s cheese and I have tried varieties in Turkey, Central Europe and of course, the Middle East. BUT To be called “feta,” a cheese must be produced in Greece.

“Feta” is a legal designation, similar to Champagne or Roquefort. Romania, Bulgaria, France, and Denmark, among others, make similar cheeses, but they can’t be called “feta.”

Regardless, it tastes divine and in this incarnation, probably made in Sweden, it was the perfect mix of salty, crunch and sweet.

Before I sign off, here is a snap of the view from my seat…already planning my next trip.

View from the Dreamliner
View from the Dreamliner

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  1. sylmobile says:

    I’ve never enjoyed a feta prepared that way. It looks divine.

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