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    Life on the Veg – Seven Vegan and Vegetarian Dining Options in Doha

    No…I’m not going veggie on you. This is a response to the many requests I get from readers and followers about vegetarian and vegan offerings in Doha. So, I ditched the meat, cheese and seafood and headed out to scour the sweltering city for our veggie loving friends – and found some tasty and moderately-priced food in the process. I will let you in on a little secret – I was a vegetarian during my first year at university back in another century, before Instagram and before the interwebz (yes Virginia – there was a world before social media). This was mainly because all I could afford was chips and…

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    Table for One – The 10 Best Places for Solo Dining in Doha

    Let’s face it, there is something perversely indulgent about eating alone in a restaurant. I love eating out with AZ, but our schedules don’t always allow for it. And my Squad is also sometimes elusive for the same reason. Also, occasionally I just like a bit of alone time. So, armed with my iPad and some magazines,  I regularly take myself out for a meal. It’s usually breakfast or lunch but sometimes I veer into dinner territory. I discovered the innate pleasure of dining alone many, many years ago. I have dined alone all round the world – in Michelin star restaurants in Florence and also in shacks by the…

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    Turning up the Beet – a Review of Doha’s First Vegan Restaurant

    When a certain degree of hype surrounds an event, an opening or similar, my natural born cynicism ratchets up a couple of notches. There are some great examples of highly anticipated events just not living up to the forward hype. Notably: The second season of True Detective The iPhone 7 The Whopperito Both of the Sex & the City movies So when bloggers, “influencers”, the media and the general expat population recently lapsed into a rhapsodic trance about the opening of Evergreen Organics, the country’s first vegan restaurant, I was underwhelmed. But…I was also kind of interested. So when my ertswhile collaborator and lighting expert Brooke messaged me yesterday about trying…