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    Soy Into You – Review of Zengo’s Friday Brunch

    Honestly I haven’t had the best start to 2017. Things haven’t gone to plan, and given that I gave up planning things in late 2016, that should give you an indication of my current mind set. I needed to get out and about, drink a cocktail or three, eat some good food and talk some hard core nonsense. That’s how we ended up at Zengo for brunch last Friday.  Part of Richard Sandoval’s global culinary empire, it’s yet another of his Doha outlets following Toro Toro and Isla. I had been to the opening night and found the space stunning, the pan-Asian food interesting and the entire project brimming with potential. A fusion restaurant…

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    Fine Dining With a View – Review of La Mer’s Blind Tasting Menu

    I’m about to clock up eight years in Doha. I’m not going to bore you with the expat habit of saying how fast it’s gone, how things have changed etc. What I will talk about are the things that have become a constant. The irritating being the sandstorms, the whingeing expats and the bad driving. The good constants being friends, special people in my life, my job, this blog and the opportunities. There are also the physical constants – those places you have been going to for years, that are a part of your life. One of those places is the Ritz Carlton Doha. Always elegant and welcoming, I have always…