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    Around Barcelona in Five Great Meals

    When I told people I was traveling Barcelona for a quick vacation in November, the reaction was very similar – a sharp intake of breath, a purse of the lips and a quizzical “Is it a good time to go?” And you know they didn’t mean the weather.  If you know me, you know that I can sometimes be slow on the uptake. So it took me until well into my (ahem) 40s and my traveling life to visit Barcelona(and of course I had to visit during one of the most turbulent periods in the city’s recent history!). A serious omission on my part. The people. The location on the…

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    Cheese Icecream? You had Feta Believe It

    We spend a lot of our lives doing things because that’s “how they are done”. This applies to our work, our lives and even our relationships. I for one am the chief instigator of this status-quo. Sometimes because it’s just easier. Sometimes because I don’t want to take a risk. Recently I had a chance to return to one of my old haunts Al Dana at Sharq Village and Spa to try their new menu. One of the only restaurants in Doha on the sea, it goes without saying there is a heavy seafood influence. The chef hails from Greece but has lived and worked in Spain and this influence is obvious.…