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    Cheese Icecream? You had Feta Believe It

    We spend a lot of our lives doing things because that’s “how they are done”. This applies to our work, our lives and even our relationships. I for one am the chief instigator of this status-quo. Sometimes because it’s just easier. Sometimes because I don’t want to take a risk. Recently I had a chance to return to one of my old haunts Al Dana at Sharq Village and Spa to try their new menu. One of the only restaurants in Doha on the sea, it goes without saying there is a heavy seafood influence. The chef hails from Greece but has lived and worked in Spain and this influence is obvious.…

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    In Queso Emergency…Send Cheese

    How can you not like Spain? Its economic prospects are in the toilet, yet they still live, eat and love like nothing is wrong. The Four Seasons Doha recently held a Spanish and Portugese Wine and Food Fair, showcasing the best of the Iberian Peninsula. The evening was more of a fair and included samples from selected winemakers from the region, plus tapas as well as cheese offerings. The cheese on offer was more of a tour of Europe. Of course there was the Spanish national icon – Manchego. On a visit to Madrid last year, I believe I ate this at every meal. For five days. made in the…