• Ramadan

    Three Places for Iftar This Ramadan in Doha That Are Not in a Hotel

    Ramadan got off to a slow start for me thanks to some travel and a brush with a deuteronomy-inspired tummy bug. But now, I’m in full Ramadan-mode. I have to be honest, while I love the lavish Ramadan tents around town (and this year there are some corkers), sometimes you want something a little different for iftar beyond the live cooking stations and Um Ali coma. Eating outside the five star bubble doesn’t mean you compromise on quality, taste and experience. Quite contraire! Here are my top picks for breaking your fast without the five star fanfare: Yugo When I hear “fusion” attached to a restaurant I do balk a…

  • Hidden Gems

    Hidden Gems – Let’s Taco About Isla Mexican Kitchen

    I’m the first to admit I am a bit of a late adopter. Maybe it’s my inner stubborness. Maybe it’s my refusal to join any type of bandwagon. But when I do join the party, it’s like a lightbulb moment. When we entered  Isla Mexican Kitchen on The Pearl Qatar, it was as if I was entering a party I was either late to or hadn’t been invited to. It was a mid-week and the place was busy. I thought, “hang onnnnn….how did I not know about this place?”. Clearly I was living under the foodie equivalent of a large rock. And to be fair, I generally have an aversion…

  • Fusion Food,  Japanese,  Restaurant Review

    Soy Into You – Review of Zengo’s Friday Brunch

    Honestly I haven’t had the best start to 2017. Things haven’t gone to plan, and given that I gave up planning things in late 2016, that should give you an indication of my current mind set. I needed to get out and about, drink a cocktail or three, eat some good food and talk some hard core nonsense. That’s how we ended up at Zengo for brunch last Friday.  Part of Richard Sandoval’s global culinary empire, it’s yet another of his Doha outlets following Toro Toro and Isla. I had been to the opening night and found the space stunning, the pan-Asian food interesting and the entire project brimming with potential. A fusion restaurant…