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    Summer Loving – Nobu’s Seasonal Menu

    You would have to be living under a rock to not know that all is not well in the GCC region right now. This isn’t a blog to discuss politics and the bullying antics of neighboring countries against a sovereign nation (oops…see what I did there?). But I can truly say it’s business as usual – supermarket shelves are full,  ATMs are dispensing cash…expats and citizens are just getting on with life as best we can. Which brings me to this blog post – for me, this means continuing to eat my way around the city. Last night it was Nobu Doha  to try their new Omakase (Chef’s choice) menu. This has become…

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    It’s Not Easy Being Green Cheese – Wasabi Cheese

    Let’s be honest, cheese and Japanese food aren’t the most obvious bedfellows. But horseradish and cheese are a actually match made in heaven, so why not wasabi and cheese? I spied this cheese in the dairy section of my local Lulu Hypermarket already sliced (it was the last of the lot apparently). Not the prettiest cheese to photograph, being green and sliced and all. Not actually from Japan, this wasabi cheese hails from Holland. Made by Basiron it claims to be extra strong, but is actually kinda mild. I like my wasabi to blow my head off and cure the sinus allergy caused by our regular dust storms. This gouda was actually quite mild.…