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Creating a Munster

So it seems that cheeses can also have an identity crisis.

I have previously written about that great American icon Muenster cheese. Little did I know it has a European cousin.

Show me the Munster
Show me the Munster

Munster-géromé, is a strong tasting, soft cheese made mainly from milk from the Vosges, between Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté in France. A big thanks to my friends at St Regis Doha whose monthly Grapes and Cheese night not only gives me an excuse to catch up with friends, but also fuels my blog.

Munster Mash
Munster Mash

Munster géromé is at its best in the summer and the autumn, when it is made from milk from the haute chaumes (“high stubble”) of pastures that have already been mowed for midsummer hay in the Vosges mountains.

The cheese itself has a very high fat content of around 50 percent and apparently goes well with potatoes, salad and finely chopped onions as well as a cheeky glass of white wine.

muesnter 2

The taste is stronger than you expect and the texture is creamy, smooth and sticky. Much like my last weekend. But that’s another story…

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