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Just in Queso You Need It

I had planned to review a new cheese I procured last week, but it seems that life and lethargy intervened.

This morning I had to undergo a draining battery of tests required for my immigration status in this country. When I say I had to, I mean myself and 150 of my closest colleagues.

Then I voluntarily drove to a place called the Industrial Area, which is also known as the seventh ring of hell, to pay a visit to my mechanic. The thing is, you don’t so much own a Jaguar, rather you live uneasily with it, like a bad, cheating boyfriend. You know the one, he spends all your money and leaves you by the side of the road?

That’s the one.

So upon emerging from Doha’s vision of hell, my blood sugar plummeting, I treated myself to a relatively healthy fast food hit at California Tortilla

Mexican food is exceedingly popular in this part of the world, thanks to its crowd pleasing melange of flavor, texture and pop culture appeal.

I ordered a shrimp taco with a side of queso. The tacos came in hard and soft shell.

Taco Belle
Taco Belle

The queso, was, for what it really is, quite tasty if well, a little bland

In queso emergency...
In queso emergency…

But lets be clear about what queso is – melted cheese. Queso is an appetizer or side dish of melted cheese and chili pepper typically served in Tex-Mex restaurants, similar to nachos. In that context, it’s harmless and like the taco, did what it says on the tin.

Bland but hit the spot
Bland but hit the spot

In an effort to spice it up a bit, I headed for the wall of flame at the restaurant – a selection of more than 60 hot sauces from around the world. in search of a chili hit, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a remarkable act of self censorship.

I offer you before and after pics of the Hula Girl Sauce I planned to spice up my tacos –

How Hula Girl Sauce Looks around the world...
How Hula Girl Sauce Looks around the world…
How it looks in Doha, Qatar
How it looks in Doha, Qatar


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