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Milking It

I may have been burning the candle at both ends this week. It seems to have been an endless stream of show tunes and martinis.

So this morning I was feeling a little bit precious. Given I had no monkey butlers and explaining the location of my house to delivery men, I was forced to create my own hangover cure/breakfast.

Monkey Butler...
Monkey Butler…

Thankfully I am a resourceful woman. I did some hunter gathering and found small rounds of single serve goat cheese – from Carrefour – seriously something only the French could invent. Couple this with some flat bread, sliced tomato, a slug of olive oil and salt and pepper, and I had something quite special.

Morning after
Morning after

I devoured it with a shot of caffeine and some vitamin d thanks to Doha’s climate (it was 7am by the way and 30 degrees).

Breakfast of champions
Breakfast of champions

Sanity restored…I was ready to face the day.

Meanwhile…great news. My 100th cheese post is almost finished. Watch this space

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