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Taleggio Tales But True – A Hunk of Italian Love

It had been a particularly brutal day of toil in the vineyard of truth, and all that would salve my wounded soul was the thought of the Italian hunk sitting at home.

By hunk, I do not mean in the literal studly sense, rather a hunk of Italian Taleggio cheese, purloined from the good people at Jones the Grocer in Doha. 

And so my tour of European basket case countries continues.

I am a latecomer to the cult of Taleggio, having aligned myself early on in my cheese loving career with the Francophiles…Francophones….or whatever the kids are calling it now.

But, like a persistent Italian man, it won my appreciation. Today’s incarnation was especially ripe and ready for my plunder. I served it on a baguette with fig jam and some cured Iberian pork loin allegedly from “acorn fed pigs” that I forgot I had smuggled in from London earlier this year.

This Taleggio was just on the right side of ripe. It’s a washed rind cow’s milk cheese and this one was fairly mild in the end… and just a little fruity – just like many Italian men!



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