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    HUQQA, Line and Sinker – A Review of Doha’s Newest Turkish Restaurant

    Ever has that feeling KNOW you are getting taken for an expensive ride…that feeling when the experience is so swift and so practiced that you have to sit back and just admire the AUDACITY. That folks, is what it is like to eat at HUQQA The overall experience is so pleasant and the food is so tasty that you kind of just throw up your hands (or in this case your wallet) and say…I give up. Just take it. Take my money. I had that exact feeling when I realized we were paying QR168 for a dish called Sac Kavarna. You heard me. QR168. For a dish of admittedly beautifully…

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    You Had Feta Believe It

    Woke up this clear Saturday morning with a headache that tends to plague women of a certain age. A brisk walk and a swim failed to shift it. Lying in a darkened room likewise. After swathing my temples in Tiger Balm and taking a last chance Voltaren, I was finally able to see through the fog. My friend Kate had sent me this Gozleme recipe and having most of the ingredients, I thought this would go some way to making me feel better. The result was, as another friend dubbed it, “Hugs on a Plate”. Gözleme is a savoury traditional Turkish pastry dish, made of hand-rolled dough that is lightly…