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    Five Important Things I learned About Travel in 2017

    I’ve been traveling for pleasure solidly for more than 25 years and lost track of the countries and cities I’ve been to (that’s not to brag – really I have a terrible memory). But one of the best things about travel and being…ahem…slightly mature…is that you always learn something new from each adventure. This year, with the illegal blockade of Qatar throwing in a bit of color and movement, was especially instructive and I wanted to share with you some truths I learned in 2017 from cities far and near: The best trips don’t have to be meticulously planned Nearly every trip I have taken this year has been half…

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    Around Barcelona in Five Great Meals

    When I told people I was traveling Barcelona for a quick vacation in November, the reaction was very similar – a sharp intake of breath, a purse of the lips and a quizzical “Is it a good time to go?” And you know they didn’t mean the weather.  If you know me, you know that I can sometimes be slow on the uptake. So it took me until well into my (ahem) 40s and my traveling life to visit Barcelona(and of course I had to visit during one of the most turbulent periods in the city’s recent history!). A serious omission on my part. The people. The location on the…

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    In Queso Emergency…Send Cheese

    How can you not like Spain? Its economic prospects are in the toilet, yet they still live, eat and love like nothing is wrong. The Four Seasons Doha recently held a Spanish and Portugese Wine and Food Fair, showcasing the best of the Iberian Peninsula. The evening was more of a fair and included samples from selected winemakers from the region, plus tapas as well as cheese offerings. The cheese on offer was more of a tour of Europe. Of course there was the Spanish national icon – Manchego. On a visit to Madrid last year, I believe I ate this at every meal. For five days. made in the…