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    Five Reasons Why Prague is a Foodie’s Dream Destination

    Dear Prague, I have to admit, the trip was booked at the last minute and in a rush. And being brutally honest, you were not my first choice. And, yes my expectations were low. But dearest Prague, you have won a new fan. What won me over? Well, since you ask… Street food – beer and sausages at 10am on the Square you say?Without judgement you say? SOLD! Street food is everywhere you look here, whether it be kiosks selling freshly grilled sausages or even those touristy icecreams that look like something from a scifi movie, this is a city that is out and proud about food. Within an hour…

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    Finding (and Packing) the Perfect Carry On For Your Next Getaway

    For many, choosing your next vacation destination is the easy part. Finding your perfect carry on suitcase or luggage? And what to pack? Well, that’s as difficult as avoiding any social media/real life conversation about Game of Thrones. Your travel bags are a special kind of accessory – they stay with us through thick and thin, though flight delays and lost in transit moments, through big city streets and far flung destinations; vacations and staycations. With a couple of decades of traveling under my belt and many, many hits and misses, I now have my packing and carry-on routine down pat. My essentials are: Headphones – sometimes you just want…

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    Head in the Clouds – A Weekend in Oman

    It’s true, I’ve been an absentee blogger of late. A nasty virus and its associated hangers on (tonsillitis, bronchitis, kidney infection) knocked me for six and saw me confined to quarters for weeks. My other half (who has also had his own health issues), said he knew I was really unwell when I refused to even touch the feast he had just brought home from Afghan Brothers. It had been a rugged couple of months, so when AZ went to Dubai for a work assignment, we hatched a plan to meet in Oman for a languid weekend. He had his car (a gigantic 4WD) so I flew to Muscat and…