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    New Review: Innovative and Irresistible Indian Food at Masala Library

    I’m usually one to tease my opinion in reviews. I’m not going to play around here. In fact I am deadly serious. We’re talking about butter chicken. Butter chicken is serious business. But if you are in any way a fan of Indian food, even a distant one in the way I am a fan of heavy metal bands, you need to go to Masala Library. Go for the butter chicken – a deconstructed thing of beauty which I will get to later. Stay for the rest of the experience. There’s no shortage of good high end Indian food in this town – Ishka360, Jamavar and Rivaaj among the most…

  • Ramen in Doha qatar

    Iftars for under QR50 in Qatar? Yes Doha foodies, it can be done!

    A delicious iftar under QR50 in Qatar? Yes my foodie friends it can be done. Like many who have contacted me, I’ve been surprised at the general prices for iftar this Ramadan. This is a combination of sticker shock from the two year COVID-19 hiatus and a general indication of the rising prices globally. Knowing so many people are seeking value for money, I thought a look at what iftars can be bought for QR50 was worth exploring. These are some great options to suit all kinds of cravings – not always traditional – I found while doing the rounds in the last few days and from places I know…

  • Where to Drink and Dine in Doha this Summer
    Hit List

    Your June/July Dining hit List – Where to Drink and Dine in Doha this Summer

    And so the Summer has arrived – temperatures are soaring, days seem longer and well things a little slower. But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well! Here’s my combined, bumper edition, list of where to drink and dine in Doha this Summer: Mosaic at Mandarin Oriental Doha It’s finally open. Doha’s newest hotel took a gamble and delayed the opening of their all day dining restaurant to ensure they got the offering right. And it’s worth the wait. With views across the city and the Baharat Square of Msheirib, the menu is firmly planted in the Silk Route. Asian, Indian and Arabic flavors are among the strongest, players on…

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    Five Reasons Why India Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

    I have a confession. It wasn’t until I moved to the Middle East that I even considered India as a travel destination. I’d always considered it to be a little too confronting. Too big. Too crazy. Too dirty. Then around five years ago, I finally made a decision. I took a deep breath and booked a trip to Delhi. It was a revelation. Organized chaos and a riot of colors and smells, yet also somehow addictive. So if you are on the fence about India and in honor of their amazing festival Diwali, here’s five reasons why you should take the plunge. THE FOOD: This goes without saying but the…

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    Five Reasons Why You Need to Put Kerala on Your Travel Bucket List ASAP

    It’s no secret that I have a real affection for India. But it took 16 trips to this amazing country for me to finally visit the state of Kerala. To the delight of many friends, I decided to change up my planned Eid travel schedule and spend it in Kerala. I based myself in Kochi for practical and personal reasons. The city (known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea) is central, boasts great hotels and is also the hometown of several good friends of mine. With more than 300 languages spoken and a religiously diverse population (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Jain…), a rich food culture and history everywhere you…

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    Paneer to My Heart

    There was a seminal moment on my recent girl’s weekend to Amritsar, India. When, at a famous local restaurant, the Brothers Dhaba, we ordered two more parathas. This is a flaky Indian flatbread, buttery and oily in that perfect way, served hot from the oven and irresistible. The waiter, stared at the already heaving table before our party of four, and said “but you heave two more dishes coming”. Shoveling food into our mouths, we barely breathed, in unison we said “We don’t care!”. He backed away from the table like a man who had seen something very, very alarming. There is something about India. I do love visiting –…