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Yes, it’s been a while between drinks, but this is another in my (very) irregular series I’ve unoriginally dubbed “Blogging 101”.

Bloggers always get asked what other bloggers they follow/read/admire/jealous of and I’m always a little stumped. Primarily because my memory is rubbish and also because I read across many platforms and interests (cheese, recipes, foreign policy, handbags, the Kardashians).

For this not very exhaustive list I am focusing on Qatar, the UAE and some international food bloggers as well as Instagrammers (who I consider bloggers as well…that’s another post entirely).

Of course, I’m assuming that you follow my blog, which according to readers (my Dad and my sweetheart) is AWESOME. VERY AWESOME.

My criteria for inclusion in this list was simple – honest and unbiased, primarily about food or restaurants, good writing, good photographs and ultimately compelling reads. I’ve also included a couple of Qatar-based blogs which are essential resources for foodies in this city.

So here are the blogs and Instagram accounts I go back to time and time again for news, view and laughs:

Qatar-based food bloggers and Instagrammers

Boulangerry – OK yes Gerald Tan is a friend of mine and quite often a devious partner in crime at food events. But as a fellow journalist and foodie, his writing is eloquent and photos stunning (yes bloggers, photos DO matter).

Lemon and Mint – Well written Qatar-based duo who know their food. I wish they blogged more often!

Pinay Flying High – While she is technically more a lifestyle blogger, Noemi’s restaurant reviews are what many bloggers in Qatar aspire to be – honest.

The Square Table – Qatar, regional and international short and snappy food reviews on Instagram with luscious photos.

Where2EatQtr – Arabic only at this stage Instagram account with pics and videos.  He knows his food!

Zomato – Not a food blog per se, rather a community. These micro reviews are invaluable for foodies in Qatar and beyond and food bloggers can register to link their reviews back to their sites.

Debbie Tingzon – A true foodie. Shares my love of a good meal and my go-to for Korean food knowledge.

Zozalajail – Aziz is a world traveler and foodie and a great photographer. I want to be him when I grow up.

Qatar Eating – Great pics and fun write ups about the Doha food scene.

Marhaba – A good place to find out about foodie events in Qatar (or what’s going on generally).

Dining in Doha – Restaurant listings for this fair city and more. Always informative and up-to-date.

International food bloggers



FooDiva is a Dubai-based food blogger who sets the standard for blogging in the region. Informative and a great example of how to turn a blog into a business.

A to Zataar – Yes another friend of mine, but UAE- based Courtney is a great writer and knows her food.

Not Quite Nigella – One of the first in the Aussie vanguard of food bloggers, she combines recipes, travel and restaurant experiences.

Realfoodz – Beware – this will make you hangry! Regrams food shots with credit and straight out food porn.

David Leibovitz – Paris-based chef turned writer who is actually my food hero.

Damn Delicious – Half of the food I eat at home comes from this blog. The other half is from Nandos.

Sailu’s Kitchen – Indian food is my dirty little secret and this is my go-to for recipes and information. She is also an organic farmer!

Buzzfeed Food – so many lists, so little time.

I’m sure I have missed people/blogs off this list and some feathers maybe ruffled in the process. But please, do share your favorite blogs in the comments section.





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