Just Leave it Brie

*Warning this post contains bad puns about cheese.

I am a bit of a conservative when it comes to my cheese. The more unadulterated, the better.

The only exception being truffle brie.

On a recent supermarket spree, I found two new hybrid cheeses – a truffle Moliterno and a bruschetta brie.

Wine and cheese Wednesday

Wine and cheese Wednesday

For me, the Moliterno was the more successful hybrid. Unlike most truffled cheeses (where the cheese is added at the last minute before sale), the wheels age for about six months before being infused with pure black truffle paste, so that the cheese develops a very particular character and depth. The vein of truffle is part of the cheese, not an addition.

Moliterno is a ewe’s milk cheese from the Molise mountain range in the south of Italy.

Bruschetta Brie

Bruschetta Brie

Buschetta brie on the other hand, is a novelty cheese. It’s cut in half during the process and filled with a tomatoey paste. Served at room temperature on the verge of gooey it was moreish and tasty.

But, I prefer my cheese to be free of de-brie.

You know I had to go there.

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