Checking the Emotional Baggage

*This post does not mention cheese or food (for once)

Regular readers of this blog and my other social media rantings (I shouldn’t be left unsupervised) will note I haven’t traveled much this year.

Work is partly responsible for this grounding. The other reason is entirely voluntary.

We all travel for different reasons. Some people travel for the sake of it. Others to explore new culture and experiences. Some just to show off.

I have always said I travel to sooth a restless mind. I think finally, well into my fourth decade, I found a way to do that without picking up and packing up every weekend.

This is not to say I don’t have a busy summer schedule ahead – Goa, Chengdu and the US all feature heavily. A friend recently said how relaxed and happy I was Iooking. She may be right.

In other words, I found a reason to stay still, enjoy my life and those I have allowed into it. Yes, I have checked my emotional baggage.


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