I Camembert It…

Baked cheese seems to be a theme in my life in recent weeks. Hot on the heels of this extravaganza on Christmas Day I found myself delving back into the gooey mess that is baked Camembert.

Last night’s indulgence was brought to me by the good people at French brasserie La Varenne

Melting moment
Melting moment

This was baked in the paper container it comes in and served with honey and truffle oil. It was one of those rare moments in dining where many senses were tickled – sight, smell and of course taste. The fact that it’s a tactile dish involving digging the fresh baguette pieces into the oozing hot cheese is even more exciting.

Sorry, lost myself for a minute there. Back now.

We left the mixed green leaves to their own devices – all the more room for melted cheese. It was one of those days I thanked the good lord I wasn’t lactose intolerant.

Just a note about La Varenne – if there is ever a restaurant that shows how far Qatar’s dining scene has come in recent years, this is it. It’s not situated in a hotel (but a spectacular office tower with views across the city), serves sophisticated food (and alcohol) and is regularly packed.

I'm in truffle
I’m in truffle

Here’s to more hot cheese (and other hot items – canapes, beaches…men) for 2015.

* Blatant plug – dear Doha readers don’t forget to enter the Red Lobster competition I am running. Just a few more days to enter. You can find the details here.

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