A New Leaf

So here’s the funny thing about this cheese, I actually DID take a photo of it before it was made into this:

Spreadable goodness
Spreadable goodness

But, I must have been distracted and the photo is a complete blur (like last Friday…another story…). So i will have to use my powers of description. It was a small crottin (a pungent cheese made of goat’s milk and formed into small disks) which was wrapped in a vine leaf. It was very pretty (not pretty enough to keep me focused clearly).

The cheese was clean and fresh, with that goat-milk tang I just love. The leaf was brined and while this wasn’t, I have read elsewhere that some cheesemakers smoke the leaves before wrapping the cheese.

Here I have done a ‘something from nothing” dinner of toasted French bread, the goat cheese and some tomatoes. Before assembly I doused the tomatoes in olive oil and lashings of salt and pepper.

A perfect lunch
A perfect lunch

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