Hadju Go – When You Are Hungary for Some European Cheese

I love Hungary, well Budapest. It’s like all of the really good things about Europe – food, wine, history, good looking people – all combined into one easily accessible and reasonably priced place.

I like it so much I am vaguely considering buying an apartment there, as my European bolthole (well, more like a money spinner).

Hungary makes great wine and also some great cheese. I found this variety of Kashkaval in my Doha supermarket and was immediately smitten.

Hungarian Rhapsody

Hungarian Rhapsody

This is a kashkaval-type cheese with the characteristic full, tasty and slighly salty flavour that reminds us of nuts. It can easily be cut, it is stiff but when bent it breaks, and when eaten it crumbles. I am told it is great fried in breadcrumbs and this one has a hint of chilli, so has a kick.

Knife Skills

Knife Skills

The taste of Kashkaval itself, which is common throughout Eastern Europe, is sometimes compared to that of the United Kingdom’s cheddar cheese, although variations exist. This one was a little milder.

And before you ask, the block this photo was taken on, yes it’s a new addition to my repertoire. Basically, it’s a marble block, with two pockets cut in containing KNIVES. Yes. KNIVES. Cheese, marble, knives. Heaven!

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