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Cheddar the Class

Cheddar. The but of many jokes, yet one of the most versatile and loved cheeses in the world. I had meant to do this earlier, but didn’t want to resort to generic, supermarket brands.

Finally, I stumbled across this beauty at the soon-to-close (perplexing as that is) Dean and Deluca in Doha.

Hard Cheddar
Hard Cheddar

Hailing from Glastonbury, the home of that rain-soaked celebrity spotting music festival each year, this smoked cheddar is a thing of beauty. Made by Greens of Glastonbury it has a strong, powerful flavor which is the result of 12 months of aging.

Perhaps my new heros, the Green’s have been making cheese for four generations on the Somerset levels in the small village of West Pennard within site of the legendary Glastonbury Tor. This cheddar is their most famous product and frankly, too good for me to share or even sully with bread. I’m eating this. On my own.

Hands's mine
Hands off…it’s mine

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