Kofta-esque Fantasy – Show Me the Curry!

I will go to great lengths to get my hands on a cheese dish, regardless of its availability. This is what happened on my recent trip to Mumbai.

I had been craving Malai Kofta, a vegetable and cheese dumpling in a creamy curry sauce, from the minute I booked my ticket to Mumbai. What I didn’t count on was this amazing dish being from a different part of India. And we all know how justly parochial Indians are about their cuisine.

Show me the curry!
Show me the curry!

Luckily for me, the chef at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai where I was staying knew how it make it. And the results didn’t disappoint.


Kofta are balls made from minced vegetables and the white cottage style cheese used in a lot of Indian meals. The dumplings can be deep fried or baked in a tomatoey type sauce like this one.

The entire creamy goodness
The entire creamy goodness

This version was just on the right side of creamy, with a touch of spice. The chef even came out to check if it had met my expectations, which he had been informed, were high. Indeed, these were stunning. I needed a lie down afterwards.

Great at any angle
Great at any angle

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