Pole Dancing

Warning. There are Poles, but no dancing as such in this post. If you feel misled, please feel free to complain.

There is much ado about Poland this week in Doha, with the start of flights to the Polish capital Warsaw, which in my view is more famous for shipyards and some bloke named Lech.

But it seems that there is more to Polish cuisine than piroskis and beer. I was invited to a gourmet dinner to launch this new route at the Grand Hyatt Doha

The five course menu included venison, duck and an amazing cod dish, but I was stuck on the amuse bouche, which was a cream cheese mixed with garlic and herbs served with a soda bread.

No pole dancing required
No pole dancing required

I hadn’t really thought too much about Polish food let alone cheese. It really opened my eyes to how cheese as simple as a cream cheese, can be a vehicle for many flavors.

It was garlicky, creamy deliciousness and I tried to eat a vat full, but stopped because I was in public and was wearing my good frock.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Try OSCYPEK /protected trade name/ – the best polish cheese, smoked, made of salted sheep milk, only in Tatra mountains

  2. alanamaree says:

    Through your eyes Doha … And cream cheese … Sound like so much FUN. Envious of both.

  3. Lee Simpson says:

    3 words, Cream Cheese Frosting…. Food of the Gods…… oh and casually I mention it now comes premade in tubs.

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