Romy With a View aka Eating Cheese Like an Egyptian

Egypt is known for many things – the pyramids, the Pharaohs, the Nile and dodgy souvenirs. It’s not necessarily known for it’s cheeses.

But, there is evidence of the ancient Egyptians making cheese more than 4000 years ago. 


So it is true, the ancient Egyptians invented everything…even cheese.

This said, I was more than a little excited when checking into my hotel, the Four Seasons First Residence in Cairo this weekend, to discover a cheese platter complete with a sample of Romy, also known as “Egyptian Parmesan”.

In Egypt and Middle East people know this cheese as Romy Cheese or Gebnah Romy while in Alexandria it is known as gebnah Torky.  Sometimes peppercorns are added to enhance the cheese flavor. It’s an aged cheese and tastes a lot like it’s “sister”, the international favorite, Parmesan Reggiano.

Like parmesan and peccorino, it keeps for a long time and is best served with one dried fruit and a cheeky  glass of red…just a suggestion!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. S A-M says:

    The BEST way to have Romy is a melted cheese sandwich made with a piece of slightly stale pocket bread until it crisps. Just try it! Millions of Egyptian kids after school can’t be wrong.

  2. dalia says:

    Hello Rachel, I need to contact u

    1. hi there, contact is in about Me. Pop me an email

  3. MMH Ahmedin says:

    I like to know why add the mashed potatoes in the recipe Romano cheese?
    I have read and heard from many people about this, but I can not find an answer.Maybe you know something about this method.
    Thank you in advance and greetings

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