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    Five Foodie-Approved Short Breaks to Take this Summer

    I’m in the process of researching and booking my Summer holiday destinations. The criteria always remains are unchanged from the last year: solid foodie credentials, direct flights on Qatar Airways and as few visa entanglements as I can muster. If you are, like me, when choosing a destination, food is a major consideration. Well, let’s be honest, it’s probably top of the list along with easy (or no visas) visas and bearable flight times.And many times, I book a food tour before I book a hotel. All the below destinations are a manageable four to five hours from Doha and have visa on arrival or e-visas AND have the Life on…

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    Five Important Things I learned About Travel in 2017

    I’ve been traveling for pleasure solidly for more than 25 years and lost track of the countries and cities I’ve been to (that’s not to brag – really I have a terrible memory). But one of the best things about travel and being…ahem…slightly mature…is that you always learn something new from each adventure. This year, with the illegal blockade of Qatar throwing in a bit of color and movement, was especially instructive and I wanted to share with you some truths I learned in 2017 from cities far and near: The best trips don’t have to be meticulously planned Nearly every trip I have taken this year has been half…

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    Five Reasons Why Prague is a Foodie’s Dream Destination

    Dear Prague, I have to admit, the trip was booked at the last minute and in a rush. And being brutally honest, you were not my first choice. And, yes my expectations were low. But dearest Prague, you have won a new fan. What won me over? Well, since you ask… Street food – beer and sausages at 10am on the Square you say?Without judgement you say? SOLD! Street food is everywhere you look here, whether it be kiosks selling freshly grilled sausages or even those touristy icecreams that look like something from a scifi movie, this is a city that is out and proud about food. Within an hour…