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    Your May Dining Hit List – Where You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Doha This Month

    Right – I’m going to keep this month’s Doha dining hit list short. Why? Because looming very soon, halfway through May, is Ramadan. Given that’s an entirely different dining genre (and another post…), I’m going to focus on the next couple of weeks and where you should be spending those precious pre-Ramadan dining days and nights. And what a selection there is. Doha’s restaurants, you’ve done us proud: Weekend Breakfast at Kafe Ole This gem of a place is a cafe located inside the Holiday Villa complex and honestly I am kicking myself for not trying sooner. Every Friday and Saturday they serve a range of Malaysian breakfast favorites including…

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    Doha’s Hidden Restaurant Gems – D’Chopstix at Holiday Villa

    If you are like me, you have your “go-to” restaurants where, (mostly) for want of a better idea, you always end up at. There is a lot to be said for the Cheers approach to eating out – you like to go where everyone knows your name…and how you like your Diet Coke. But sometimes I like to veer wildly off my usual programming. This led me to thinking, why not shine a light on some of these places, that perhaps aren’t as widely known as they should be. Maybe they are located where you least expect them. Or perhaps they are literally off the beaten track. Doha and Qatar…

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    Heading North – An Authentic Foodie Experience Where You Least Expect it

    During Ramadan I received a message via my blog and I have to say, it more than piqued my interest. It was from the family who operated a small restaurant serving Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipino food inviting me to come and try their menu. The only catch – it was in Al Khor. Al Khor? I don’t go that far for my holidays!* So, after a little coaxing, much arguing over the music play list and a stop for petrol, AZ and I found ourselves one recent Friday standing outside a hypermarket in Al Khor. Upstairs in the large food court was a final destination  – The Sizzlers Qatar. It’s a…