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    Lounging Around – Your Guide to all the Lounges at Hamad International Airport

    Let’s be honest, we all love to travel but most of the time, the process of traveling can drain the life and soul out of you. With the Summer travel season in full swing, for those passing through Hamad International Airport (or, like me, departing from there) on Qatar Airways or another carrier like Sri Lankan, there are a few options to lighten the load and make the process a little more comfy. even the most basic lounge (without the bells and whistles) can make traveling a little better.   What’s the best way to access lounges when flying? Flying business or first class – this is a no brainer…

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    Where to Eat at Drink at Doha’s Hamad International Airport – Updated

    It’s back by popular demand – your definitive guide to eating and drinking at Hamad International Airport. Since I wrote this post in 2016, the airport has become a global hub, added new shops  and welcomed 160 million passengers. It has also opened some new cafes, restaurants and grab and go places to keep hungry passengers fed and watered. We’re eagerly anticipating the opening of the Harrods Team Room at the airport in coming months. So if you are leaving from Doha’s airport, or just transiting through on Qatar Airways, here is your up-to-date guide to staving off the hunger pains and having a happy flight! For something a little…

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    Six Really Cool Things About Traveling Through Qatar’s Hamad International Airport

    I will be honest when Hamad International Airport opened I was a little miffed. The old airport was at the end of my street. I could be off the plane and home in a matter of minutes. But the mammoth new airport, which has already welcomed 120 million passengers has grown on me – it has so much to offer travelers, especially on Qatar Airways, beyond being a means to an end in air travel. Here’s what I love about this airport and what you should be looking for when you fly through here: There’s a bear in there... You can only have so many coffees to pass the time…