Middle Eastern Promise

There are eight new cheeses currently sitting in my fridge to try. But all week, I have been craving Lebanese food, specifically Fatteh.

In my world, this is the perfect combination of salty, crunchy, creamy and savory (with the exception of a grilled cheese sandwich). Because I have been on a healthy living kick, buying it from one of the local restaurants wasn’t a option, given it can involve a lot of oil.

Fabulous Fatteh

Fabulous Fatteh

Fatteh actually means crushed or crumbed. My version has chickpeas, oven baked eggplant, toasted pita and of course a garlicky yoghurt sauce with tahina and lemon. Some people like theirs with ground lamb or chicken, I like mine basic.

Make mine with chickpeas

Make mine with chickpeas

Craving sated. Now, where is that cheese?

Cheese please!

Cheese please!

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