Who moved my cheese?

My grand plan to launch the blog with the much discussed truffle brie melted faster than a Kraft Single on white bread under the griller.

I forked out close to $15 for a hunk of the prized cheese but somehow managed to lose it between the store and my house – it’s somewhere in Doha, stinking up a storm. I would like to hope it went to a good home. Sadly I think it was just thrown away.

I had intended to share the brie with a French friend, a triumphant start to the blog. But instead had to confess my crime. And to a French person, losing any brie, let alone TRUFFLE brie is a crime against humanity punishable by many dirty sounding Gallic insults and cold glares.

So, we start again tomorrow. If worst comes to worst I may have some Kraft SIngles in the fridge. A girl has to start somewhere.

The Truffle Brie…in happier times



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