Tales from a life on the wedge

It’s pretty obvious to people that know me that I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese.

All. kinds. of. cheese.

Hard, soft, washed wind, stinky. French, Italian, Greek, Nepalese. Cow, goat, sheep, rice (lets talk about that later).

Since I first discovered the healing qualities of a grilled cheese sandwich as a child, I have been in love with what is essentially, fermented milk.

So why not channel this borderline obsession into something productive? Over a hunk of brie I hatched a plan. To combine travel, writing and a love of cheese. I was watching Survivor Philippines at the time, so I decided to throw in a challenge – discover a new cheese a day for the next 12 months.

That’s 365 new cheeses in 365 days. I’m going to ask friends to bring home exotic cheeses from their travels. I too will go in search of cheeses on my own adventures. And of course, I will look to what is available to me here in Doha.

Join me on this voyage of creamy discovery. As Hunter S. Thompson once said…buy the ticket. Take the ride (just leave some cheese for me please).


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