Getting My Goat…

I think my cleaner judges me. One day I came home to find my decorative papal rosary beads artfully arranged on my bedside table. Once she told me I was sick because I “didn’t have a husband”. Another time, I had reason to call her because I couldn’t […]

Pole Dancing

Warning. There are Poles, but no dancing as such in this post. If you feel misled, please feel free to complain. There is much ado about Poland this week in Doha, with the start of flights to the Polish capital Warsaw, which in my view is more famous […]

Comte As You Are

As I type this, I am watching a “One Night Only” Duran Duran special on TV. Amazingly, they have aged quite well, Simon, admittedly wearing a rather flattering leather jacket, seems to move as well as he did in the 1980s and is still endearingly out of tune. […]