The Italian Job

In honor of the looming Papal Conclave, this post is dedicated to those two great Italian staples – Mozzarella and Parmesan. Mozzarella has to be one of the most abuse cheeses in the world – how many of us have had bad mozza on a pizza or in […]

The Loving Spoonful

It had been a tough start to the week in the vineyard of truth. I was having technology problems, clients were being demanding and well, it was Tuesday. And it was March. When I heard about the new Grapes and Cheese night at Gordon Ramsay’s Opal at St […]

Get Your Frico On

In view of the upcoming Papal Conclave to elect a new Il Papa, and because the eyes of the world will soon be trained on Rome, I thought I would spend a couple of posts exploring the rich and tasty world of Italian cheese. Dean & Delcua in […]

Paneer But So Far…

  Cheese and India are not two words synonymous with eachother. But paneer has to be one of my favorite milk products. Firm and actually without flavor, it absorbs the herbs and spices it is cooked with. The perfect vehicle. The cheese itself dates back 6000 years and […]

Expert? Just add water…

Someone whose opinion I care a lot about questioned my claim to being an proper “expert” in the field of cheese because I lacked any formal qualifications in the area. At the time I was stung by the comment (in hindsight it was perhaps their blunt delivery) but […]