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Unless you are lactose intolerant, what is there not to love about cheese? Since I first discovered the magic of a melted cheese sandwich as a child, I have been in love with fromage.

This is not just another bloody food blog. To channel this love into something tangible, I have decided to challenge myself to discover at least one new cheese a day over the next 12 months. Well, maybe not one every single day, but the challenge is to have accumulated at least 365 new cheese-related experiences over that period. And the beauty of this endeavor? I can combine my twin loves of food and travel.

French, Italian, Australian, Nepalese. Cow, goat, sheep, yak. Stinky, creamy, washed rind and hard. All cheeses are open for inspection. It’s around the world in 365 cheeses.

I actually have a day job – as a Mistress of the Dark Arts (aka PR) and Spinner of Tales – and I live in Doha Qatar but regularly can be found in the Vortex of Self Loathing.

I update this blog about my cheese, my travels,great meals and my life whenever I can squeeze in the time between saving the world one press release and social media update at a time.

I have been writing professionally – as a journalist, PR girl, mistress of the dark arts etc – for more than 20 years so it’s more than a passion. Eating cheese, well I have been doing it for slightly longer.

So, in the words of Hunter S. Thompson. Buy the ticket. Take the ride. Just leave me some cheese…


On the hippie trail in Kathmandu
On the hippie trail in Kathmandu

About me:
RACHEL MORRIS is a writer, journalist and digital communications specialist based in Qatar.
Rachelā€™s journalism and communications career spans more than 20 years and three countries – Qatar, the UAE and her homeland Australia.
She is currently working in healthcare in Doha, doing which she thinks is the best job in the world – digital communications.
A skilled communicator, she has authored two books, writes for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites around the world and she also has two successful blogs about her twin passions of travel and cheese.

18 Random Things About My Life on the Wedge

* As a child I wanted to be a politician…or an archaeologist (blame Indiana Jones)

* I believe that grammar is an artificial construct created to ensure conformity. The Oxford Comma especially pisses me off

* I grew up in a suburb of Sydney called Merrylands. It wasn’t especially merry but we did have a local swimming pool and a McDonalds drive thru

* I am a life long and suffering fan of the mighty Parramatta Eels

* I didn’t get my first passport until my mid-20s. I have been making up for my slow start since then

* My favorite cheese (this week) is truffle brie

* I have never met a handbag I didn’t like

* I really do know the words to every. Single. ABBA. Song.

* I moved to the Middle East in 2006 and haven’t looked back

* My ideal job would be as a scriptwriter for Air Crash Investigations

* I think most foods can be improved by adding cheese (and sometimes Vegemite)

* I have an unyielding obsession with reality TV in all forms. The cheesier the better

* I’m saving up to take my ultimate trip – to Antarctica – and it’s going to be eye wateringly expensive

* I can’t sing but boy I can dance

* I’m a happier person when I am regularly playing tennis

* It upsets me I can’t find a regular supplier of Burrata in Doha

* I love hip hop, specifically Australian hip hop

* I believe in the healing powers of cheese

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