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    #RachelxMeesh – a Match Made in Cheese Heaven

    Let’s be honest – a good sandwich is hard to find in Doha. So many places get it wrong – bad bread, average fillings, no love. We’ve all had those dodgy white bread sandwiches with unidentified meat fillings. and of course – the cheese and mayonnaise abomination. When the team Meesh Cafe at Crown Plaza Doha (one of my favorite cafes and a regular haunt of mine), offered me the chance to create an awesome sandwich involving cheese – I couldn’t say no. The brief was simple – I had free reign to design this sandwich (provided the ingredients were available) and they would help me make it a reality. The design…

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    How to Make the Perfect Festive Cheese Plate

    In my view, whatever the question, the answer is ALWAYS cheese. And, as the weather cools and the year draws to an end, ’tis the season to be…eating as much cheese as possible. Whether it’s catering to a big crowd of friends and family, or settling in to watch Netflix on a weekend, or just because,  cheese is the ideal entertainer. I know, I’m biased. But frankly, it can be the perfect end to a dinner party, or served as a spread at any party But it’s not always easy to choose the right cheeses. So I’ve joined with Lulu Qatar and Chocolate Fish Parties to show you how easy it is to creative…

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    Hit List

    Your September Dining Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink in Doha This Month

    Ahhhh sweet September. My favorite month for so many reasons. And also the month that – post Summer – Doha’s food and drink scene starts to crank into gear. Lots to get excited about this September – some new openings and new offers to keep you fed and watered. Here’s my list of must eats in Doha for September. The Frying Scotsman I love it when hotels push the boat out (see what I did there?). The Radisson Blu Doha has a dozen food and beverage outlets – the biggest offering in the city. It also has a loyal fan base. They have now turned their moribund seafood restaurant into…

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    My Top 5 Must-Eats at the Qatar International Festival 2019

    Here we are again – it’s the 10th Qatar International Food Festival. New venue and new restaurants and a new vibe. I braved the first day crowds to source what I think are the top five must interesting and tasty dishes on offer in 2019. As a price indication, dishes range from QR10 through to QR45 – pretty good value. Here’s my list (and stick around for some real talk at the end) of what to eat at the Qatar International Food Festival 2019… Beef short rib sandwich at Arnag The breakout star of the food Festival a couple of years ago, this Al Wakra eatery has returned in 2019…

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    Milking It – A Guide to Dairy Free Cheeses

    It may stun you to know that I have friends who don’t eat cheese. My friend Beth is one of those people. She loves cheese, it just didn’t love her. Beth’s problem is cow’s milk in particular disagreed with her. She told me once she really missed pizza and other goodies because of her cow’s milk cheese intolerance. Standby because I’m about to get sciency and stuff. It is commonly believed that milk proteins, not the sugars, found in milk are the cause for a dairy allergy. Although symptoms associated with lactose intolerance are similar to that of a dairy allergy, the body’s reaction is different. A true food allergy…

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    Cheese and Bread – A Gouda Match

    It’s been a while since I have blogged about my bread and butter (see what I did there?). But this delicious infographic on the Food Republic website had me squarely back in my comfort zone on a Doha winter’s night. Now I am familiar with many of these but a few have me thinking about traveling further afield including Yemen, Venezuela and Lithuania (drool). So many carbs. So much cheese. So little time.

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    Your March Hit List – Where You Should be Eating and Drinking in Doha this Month

    March is here and thank God. Wasn’t February the longest short month ever? But March, it holds so much promise. Winter is over, we are well and truly in the midst of the actual year. And restaurants in Doha are finally hitting their straps – serving up new and interesting menus, dishes and even a new opening or two (finally).  So here is where I am putting my dining riyal in Doha this month. And let me just say, it’s probably the most interesting line-up (old and new) for a few months: The Melting Pot You had me at cheese. All of the cheese. So much cheese. This is proof…

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    Cheese, Truffles and Dumplings – A Round-Up of Foodie Events in Doha

    Today I felt the faintest hint of a chill in the air in Doha. Which means it was 27 degrees instead of 35. Still, winter is coming and this is the most active time in Doha for foodie events and happenings. So for my Qatar-based readers, here are three foodie events you should try and make happen in the coming days and weeks. My love of dumplings is well documented and I have even traveled to China and Hong Kong on dumpling expeditions. W Doha’s Spice Market is running a Dim Sum promotion with renowned Chinese chef Allan Huang. For QR250 you get a soup, two starters and six baskets of dumplings…

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    Stringing Me Along – When String Cheese Goes Gourmet

    String cheese as it is known to most of us, is a fairly new revelation to me. Most Australians my age (cough) are unfamilar with the commercial string cheese we see in supermarkets now. When I was a kid, we did have Kraft cheese sticks, which were a different texture entirely. They were processed cheddar cheese, extruded into plastic and sealed with tiny metal rings. In hindsight, those metal rings were a choking hazard. Speaking of hazard, after four hours in the lunch box, these sticks had also turned nuclear, or mushy. Moving to the Middle East I discovered the commercial American string cheese, as well as the local variety…

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    Your February 2019 Doha Dining Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink This Month

    For Qatar’s foodies, 2019 has started with a bang – new restaurants, new menus, new dishes and a renewed energy. A lot of love about 2019 on the food scene so let’s get into it! STK at Ritz Carlton Doha It’s here people – and it was worth the wait. Located on the top floor of the Ritz Carlton, the space has been transformed from your Grandma’s “good” sitting room, into something beyond impossibly cool. Tables have been replaced with banquettes, the bar area is among the most elaborate in the city and the entire place is geared towards THAT view. With an in-house DJ, engaged staff and creative cocktails…